Why Our Programs?

With more than 20 years of experience, we have achieved many success stories! 

Our programs teach children how to read and write within an exceptional period of time, using different strategies and methods that suits our children needs.


We also focus on adaptive living skills curriculum which enable our children to be independent and an instrumental part of the community.





Learning Academy Program for Skills development and learning ability:

The program aims at developing children’s skills enhancing their ability to understand, inquire and analyze, The program  

This program is designed to help children overcome problems of language and developmental delays, ADD and ADHD. The program serves children from the age of two to six years. 

The program aims to develop different skills for children under school age; such as motor skills, increasing concentration and attention span, speech and language skills,  communication skills, and cognitive skills.

Learning Academy Program for Teaching Reading & Writing Skills:

In their early years of learning, children find it difficult to connect letters depending on their shapes and articulation.

We use eccentric procedures to help children overcome their learning disabilities, by relating and linking letters with something concrete, enabling them to remember and memorize letters when seen or heard.

This program is designed to help children overcome the problem of learning difficulties in literacy (reading and writing) as the program serves children from pre-school through elementary school. This program has been applied in an easy fun way using different senses.  As the program relies on linking the articulation and sound of each letter with sensory recognition, in order to facilitate the process of remembering the sound and the shape of the letter.